Ceremony and Reception Site Options

Our 50 acre property is divided into two sections: the Upper Property and the Lower Prooperty. There are both wedding and reception sites in close proximity to each other on the Upper Property and the Lower Property.

The Upper Property can accommodate up to about 200 to 250 guests for a ceremony. The Lower Property can handle weddings for up to 500 guests at certain sites.

Most of the sites on the Upper and the Lower Property can also be used for receptions as well as for ceremonies. However, our venue price allows for selecting one site for the ceremony and a different site for the reception at no additional charge.

Our package price options also provide for a tent, generator and lights at no additional price in certain cases.

Call 865/448-9652 for our prices, or email your request to countryventures@bellsouth.net.




Level Hillside




Oak Tree




Country Dell




Landscaped Rock Garden




Wood Glen




The Veranda and the Country Manor Inn







Reid’s Landing




Pond with Weeping Willow Tree








Appalachian style Party Barn