Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than one site on the Country Manor Property?

Yes, you are basically renting the entire 60 acre property. We suggest that the ceremony site and reception site be close enough together to avoid the need for additional transportation or additional restroom requirements. We encourage the bride and her photographer to take advantage of the many points of interest for their photo opportunities. We do require advance notice of what sites are intended to be used so we can be sure the property and facilities are manicured. We also expect you to be courteous of any other lodging guests on the property and to maintain their privacy, as we require them to be courteous of you.

Can we use our own equipment or personnel to save money?

You are welcome to bring in and set up your own tables and chairs or other equipment to meet an exact requirement. However, we do not discount our product or services, as we often find that when a bride plans to have her “friends or family” provide the work, it is left undone for us to fulfill the needs, especially on clean up.

Do we have to ask or coordinate our deliveries or arrival of vendors?

Absolutely. No one is permitted on our property without prior authorization and coordination by us. No deliveries or set ups are permitted except within the time frame of contracted arrangements.

What about destination or themed weddings?

In our twelve years of party-planning services, we have provided approximately 23 different themed weddings. We love creativity and challenge. Just ask. You may call to request our special file on “themed” weddings, or our pre-packaged sample wedding prices to help get you started. We will send them to you on request.

Do you have wedding planning services? If so, how are they priced?

If you use the vendors and suppliers we usually use, we provide our wedding planning services for free. There is no mark up on any of the services we provide. If you handle your own vendors, you are on your own with your planning, but it must be coordinated with us. All time we spend with your vendors, or with them on our property counts as cumulative time chargeable to you and will be added to your invoice.

Do you charge for all the time we are at Country Manor Acres?

If you have reserved our Hay Loft Sky Cabin or our guest suites, you personally are also a lodging guest and are welcome to enjoy the property at your leisure just as any other lodging guest would. It is only the time you or your wedding planner, photographer, agent(s) or representative(s) or vendors and bridal party spend on site regarding the wedding plans that is chargeable as part of the occupancy use fee. As a lodging guest, however, you are not permitted to host rehearsal or rehearsal dinners, bachelor parties or any other other guests without specific authorization and/or pricing from management.


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